May. 2nd, 2010

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Well, the first week of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is over. Already. Wow.

Happy to announce the winners of the contests, [profile] maharet83 and [personal profile] yvi! You'll each be getting 30 fabulous, shiny, and totally awesome DW points to use as you see fit! Thanks for your participation! :)

I'm considering running a second lottery this week. At [profile] maharet83's suggestion, I'll go with a "Top 5" theme. Post your top 5 favorite things about Dreamwidth to this comm. If at least five different people participate, I'll run the lottery. 30 points to a random participant! If I get more, I may well expand it. So, c'mon! Share the DW love!
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5: The community. DW has some of the most awesome people ever.
4. Dreamwidth Support. Dreamwidth has the best support staff of any site I've ever been on.
3. The Number of icons: If you get a paid account you get more icons than any other site.
2. Lack of ads: DW has no ads. And you get fifteen icons if you're not paid and you don't have to deal with ads to get them.
1. Icon Descriptions: DW allows actual icon descriptions. Since I'm a blind member, this helps a lot. I love that.
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5. 15 icons with a basic account and a crazy lot more with a paid account.
4. No ads (makes a heck of a lot of difference in loading time and no surprise!malware).
3. Diversity statement of awesome.
2. The little things -- screened comment conversations, icon descriptions, community contributions, multilevel tags, network page, multiple icon loading, entry character limit, admin-locked posts to communities, access/subscribe difference, and so much more I seriously could go on and on.
1. DW community is amazingly friendly. From the admins, to the support staff/volunteers, to the users.
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I've only joined really, really recently, so I'm not yet familiar with all that Dreamwidth has to offer, but I'll list my Top 5 anyway...

5. It just feels cozier here somehow, like a real community. Admittedly, I haven't really participated here much, but I get a very good sense about this place. It just seems so welcoming!
4. Lack of ads. I like to know that my journal isn't unintentionally promoting some product I don't agree with.
3. So many interesting things to read!
2. I like how there seem to be a lot more serious, critical discussions of fandom here, rather than just squee. Not that I don't love squee, though.
1. Three Weeks for Dreamwidth -- it's been so much fun, I almost don't want it to end! I love all the comment fic memes.
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1. Split subscribe/access. This was my killer app, and I love it; it makes me feel so much more comfortable subscribing to people who look interesting.
2. The commitment to diversity and accessibility. Like when people have brought up concerns in news posts and such, [staff profile] denise and [staff profile] mark have been quick to make corrections/changes/apologies. Some examples that stuck in my mind: (1) being called out on gender-binary language and fixing it right away and (2) early on, when someone said seeing usernames in red in the site scheme was disturbing due to cultural background, they quickly rolled out an alternate site scheme.
3. The much more intuitive site navigation, including the actually-useful navbar.
4. All the little fixes and improvements that are constantly being made.
5. [site community profile] dw_suggestions

Lack of ads was a close 6th, but since I use AdBlock, it's more of a principle squee than something that affects my DW experience on a day-to-day basis.
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(in no particular order)
  • the Community of Users here is just so wonderful and considerate  
  • Accessibility - being able to make the site scheme in Gradation makes it so much easier for my eyes (now in horizontal! YAY)  
  • Lack of Ads!
  • Commitment to Diversity  
  • Commitment to Open Source  
I would like to continue to pimp out my One Comment for Dreamwidth! Lots of awesome things about DW there :)


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