May. 3rd, 2010

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5. The description field on icons.
4. No ads!
3. The safety I feel about posting fannish content.
2. Crossposting to LJ, keeps me from having to lose friends over there.
1. It's the most welcome I've ever felt on a large-scale networking site. There's just a sense of involvement in every community I join, every person I friend, etc. I feel much more inclined to join in on things here.

I am loving [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw so much. I don't want it to end!
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* The split of access/watch. This is the only way I feel comfortable having a public journal: I can have a small group of people that have access to my very personal posts and can still subscribe to lots of interesting people I don't know at all.

* The navbar. It is useable, has function I need and I think it's pretty.

* Site search. Oh, how I love site search.

* Weekly news posts with substance.

* [site community profile] dw_suggestions and how accepted suggestions are directly transferred into Bugzilla and then implemented.
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1. I don't have to worry that people reading will have to cope with obnoxious or offensive adverts.

2. Splitting subscription and access lists, and removal of the loaded "friends" terminology. I feel comfortable chopping and changing my reading list.

3. The navigation bar, and using it to reload pages in different styles.

4. The readiness of the devs to listen to people's thoughts, and the existence of [site community profile] dw_suggestions.

5. The points system means you can save up rather than having to spend in a chunk. Which I find a lot more flexible.
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5. The mere idea of tag merge. And it will be reality after the next code push. You can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to it!

4. Things like this comment. It typifies a) the sense of community and b) the "close to the ground-ness" of the devs, that in response to a question like this someone would just go and look up the code to see how it works.

3. The cross-post feature. There are a few tweaks I'd love to see happen, but it really is in general, quite awesome.

2. The subscribe/access split. It's made me far more willing to add people to my circle, and as a result I have a fascinating subscription list.

1. The completely abstract, difficult to describe or pin down, sense of community around here. (#2 and #4 have a lot to do with this, but I still think it's a thing that is awesome about DW all on its own.
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1.  Community.  Community.  Community.
2.  Brilliant people
3.  DW ethics including privacy, refusal to be bullied, acceptance of diversity
4.  Clever tech which makes my experience here easier and happier
5.  High level of communication including [site community profile] dw_news  and [site community profile] dw_suggestions 

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In no particular order except for the top:

  • The fact that DW doesn't expect you to fit into the binary gender construct, and that you can define your gender as other on your profile.

  • Entries with a maximum length of 300,000 characters. I love to read novel-length fics in one entry.

  • The practical "reload page in: my style" button on the navigation strip.

  • The cross posting feature and the DW specific tags that make it easy to refer to users on other sites (love the AO3 tag). DW really furthers communication!

  • [site community profile] dw_suggestions


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