Mar. 23rd, 2010

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From IRC:

[01:15:50] [staff profile] denise: basically:
[01:16:18] [staff profile] denise: if you subscribed to someone and made a reading filter containing only that person's posts tagged foo
[01:16:23] [staff profile] denise: and they posted an entry tagged foo
[01:16:30] [staff profile] denise: in some circumstances that entry wasn't showing on the (filtered) reading page
[01:16:49] [personal profile] ursamajor: oho! ... wait, you can make a reading filter that contains ONLY THAT PERSON'S POSTS TAGGED FOO?!
[01:16:54] [staff profile] mark: uh yes
[01:17:04] [staff profile] mark: reading filters support tag inclusion/exclusion
[01:17:06] [personal profile] ursamajor: Things I did not know that are *awesome*

Why I haven't gotten around to creating reading filters until now, Cthulu only knows. Update (2): I figured out why; the announcement of their release came two weeks before I Got Married. >_>

Update (1): Er, to clarify, the tag specificity elements of reading filters are a paid member feature (per this post in [site community profile] dw_news); thanks to [personal profile] yvi for clarifying in comments. But it's still damn *awesome* :)

Also, there's a decently annoying bug in the system right now that prevents reading filters by tag from working correctly; it's been fixed in testing, and the fix will be live with the next codepush, but it's not uploaded yet.

But also, delving more into these awesome reading filters, you can filter communities by poster. You guyssss. :D
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Yes, nobody but me probably cares, but I think DW rocks for it:

Communities have their own subdomains instead of being at .

I think that's awesome :)


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